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[PC-Windows] FlexBV R1499 *NaiPT*

Looking for iPhone boardviews that FlexBV can read? Have a look over at BadCaps (Registration probably required to download). FlexBV R1115 onwards can read these files fairly well, though some are missing data, but that's not FlexBV 's fault. You can find additional boards and schematics by googling for the board code and 'boardview' eg 820-00165 boardview. Note: Boardviews and schematics are intellectual property owned by the respective parties, as such it is not legal to distribute them with FlexBV any more than it would be to distribute SpaceX raptor engine plans with AutoCAD (no matter how impressive that would be). FlexBV is designed to be a multiformat usage boardview application that can accept files from many different sources. Save time and money with your board repairs FlexBV interlinks boardviews and schematics saving you the hassle of manually cross-referencing, to provide a smoother repair process, leaving you to keep your mind focused o

[PC-Windows] Soundpad 3.4.10 x64 *NaiPT*

Soundpad is a media player developed by Leppsoft, which allows users to play sounds through audio devices and into voice chats . Users can also benefit from a practical in-app audio recorder and editor to record and create sounds. Users can then output these sounds in high quality to a variety of communication apps and games. How can you use Soundpad? Soundpad's core functionality revolves around being able to inject sounds directly into voice chats . In essence, the application acts as a soundboard, allowing you to string audio files together and play them with the click of a customized hotkey . While you can use the app to create your audio clips for other use, it shines with its implementation into communication tools . The integrated audio editor quickly allows you to chop up audio clips to the desired length, and even play around with compiling multiple sounds to make something unique. Volume integration also allows audio clip volume to equalize with your voice ,